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Clay gives talk at Gordon Conference on Eye Movements

His talk, "Organization of the Human Homolog of the Macaque FEF," was in a session chaired by Jeff Schall, including co-speakers Bea Luna and Stephan Everling. Can you find him in the group photo?

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Clay gives talk at Annual Advances in Memory Conference at NYU

Is the human PFC necessary for spatial working memory?  Short answer: No!

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Clay gives talk in Shanghai Colloquium in Neuroeconomics!

Clay give talk at inaugural Shanghai Colloquium in Neuroeconomics - Mapping Spatial Priority in Human Frontoparietal Cortex

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Clay off to NYU- Shanghai 上海市

Clay will spend the Spring semester at NYU's Shanghai campus helping with the neuroscience curriculum and with the 3T MRI scanner shared with our partners at East China Normal University.

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Golbarg’s Dissertation in J Neurosci

Golbarg publishes her dissertation in J Neurosci!  Special thanks to co-author Franco Pestilli! (Click here for PDF)

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