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Clay and Kartik team awarded working memory grant!

Co-PI's Clayton Curtis and Kartik Sreenivasan (NYUA-AD) are awarded a competitive seed grant to address the question: How Spatial Priority Facilitates Feature-Based Working Memory? This grant will allow them to hire a postdoc and collect fMRI data.

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Human DLPFC not necessary for working memory?

Wayne published a new controversial paper showing that patients with DLPFC lesions are perfectly capable of making accurate memory-guided saccades.  Click here for link to the publication. Abstract: A dominant theory, based on electrophysiological and lesion evidence from nonhuman primate studies, posits that the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) stores and maintains working memory (WM) representations. Yet, [...]

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Tommy Sprague joins lab as a Postdoc!!!

After doing some influential work as a graduate student at UCSD with John Serences, Tommy is joining our lab! Welcome to NYU!

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