Say Hi to the new Doc! Dr. Zuzanna Klyszejko, Ph.D.

Yep, Zuzanna successfully defended her dissertation today!  Nice work!  Now, on to the party!

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Clay and Tommy organize a nanosymposium at the Soc for Neuroscience conference in San Diego

Here's the lineup! 1:00 - 4:00 PM 385.00 - Chair C. E. Curtis; Psych & CNS, NYU, New York, NY. Add To Itinerary 1:00 - 1:15 PM 385.01 - The neural basis of dynamic coding in prefrontal cortex during a spatial working memory task *E. SPAAK1, D. WASMUHT1, T. J. BUSCHMAN2, E. K. MILLER3, M. [...]

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New graduate students!!! Welcome Grace and Alfredo!

The Curtis lab welcomes two new graduate students to the lab. Let's get to work!

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Kevin Desimone joins us as a new PostDoc!

Kevin is doing a joint postdoc with Clayton Curtis and Kartik Sreenivasan!  Welcome to NYU!

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Tommy publishes paper in Neuron!

Restoring Latent Visual Working Memory Representations in Human Cortex. TC Sprague, EF Ester, JT Serences Neuron 91 (3), 694-707

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Congrats to the new Dr. Wayne E. Mackey, Ph.D.!!!!

Wayne successfully defended his dissertation and will begin a joint post-doc with Clayton Curtis and David Heeger, and will continue his collaborations with Jon Winawer.

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Lesion to human parietal cortex impair working memory!

Wayne does it again and publishes a great paper with our collaborators.  Check it out in publications! Abstract: The neural mechanisms that support working memory (WM) depend on persistent neural activity. Within topographically organized maps of space in dorsal parietal cortex, spatially selective neural activity persists during WM for location. However, to date, the necessity of [...]

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Masih represents the Curtis lab at the Vision Science Society conference!

Masih presents a poster entitled: Reconstructing the population dynamics of spatial priority in early visual cortex during working memory, soon to be submitted for publication!

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Curtis lab rocks Cognitive Neuroscience Society conference on our home turf!

Wayne gives a talk: Disruption of delay-period activity in human frontal eye fields cause systematic impairments in spatial cognition.  Wayne Mackey  and Clayton Curtis Jay gives a poster: Time course of cerebellar activity tracks saccade adaptation behavior. Jason Fuller, Alain Guillaume , and Clayton Curtis Zuzanna gives a poster: Priority mediates the precision of memory-guided actions. Zuzanna Klyszejko [...]

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Clay and Kartik team awarded working memory grant!

Co-PI's Clayton Curtis and Kartik Sreenivasan (NYUA-AD) are awarded a competitive seed grant to address the question: How Spatial Priority Facilitates Feature-Based Working Memory? This grant will allow them to hire a postdoc and collect fMRI data.

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