Grace Hallenbeck

Graduate Student

Department of Psychology



M.A., Psychology, New York University (2016)

B.S., Biology, Xavier University (2009)

Honors & Awards

MacCracken Fellowship (2016-2021)

First Place Award, Best Poster, New York University MA Research Conference (2015)

Thesis Research Grant, New York University (2015)

Research Interests

How does the human brain internally represent and maintain information necessary for task-relevant behavior? How do specific items maintained in working memory become prioritized? As a first year graduate student in the Curtis lab, I am investigating these questions using eye-tracking, psychophysics, fMRI, and TMS.

Raison d’être

Playing fetch with my cats, tending my garden, making things out of wood, reading far and wide, & going to whatever Phyllida LLoyd does next.