Kevin DeSimone

Department of Psychology
telephone: (212)998-8347

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PhD York University, Toronto, ON — 2016
MA York University, Toronto, ON — 2012
BA Skidmore College, Saratoga Spring, NY — 2003

Honors & Awards

CREATE Training Grant — 2013-2015
Canada Arts Council Grant — 2014
Marian Regan Prize — 2013
Faculty of Graduate Studies Thesis Prize in Psychology — 2013

Research Interests

The human subcortex contains multiple nuclei that act to govern the transmission of information to and among the cortical areas.  In the visual domain, these nuclei are organized into retinotopic maps. While the structure and function of these nuclei have been extensively studies in the macaque, study of  these nuclei in vivo in humans has proven difficult due its small size and deep location in the brain. Historically, the study of the human subcortex had been restricted to anatomical resection of the postmortem brain. However, over the last decade researchers using functional imaging techniques and a phase-encoding visual mapping procedure have been able to characterize the polar angle and eccentricity representations in the human thalamus and brainstem. More recently, these results have been extended through the use of the population receptive field model.

I aim to explain how the subcortex interacts with various cortical areas in support of vision and cognition.  To that end, I use computational models to characterize the response properties of the brain as measured with functional imaging techniques.  I have authored open-source software estimating a variety of population receptive field models, including models describing auditory and spatiotemporal neural properties in the thalamus.


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